Dreuilletes, Gabriel

Dreuilletes, Gabriel
   Studied at Jesuit College, Toulouse. In 1643 came to Canada and spent a year in study of Algonquian language. Soon became proficient in that tongue and accompanied wandering bands on their hunting trips. In 1646 went on an expedition to the Abnaki tribes of Maine, who had become interested in Christianity through converts of the Sillery mission. Remained with the Abnaki one year and then removed to district of Tadoussac, where he spent three years among the Montagnais. In 1651 again sent to the Abnaki to form an alliance with the New England colonies against the Iroquois, but in this was unsuccessful. Laboured for twenty years in missions of Sillery, Three Rivers, and other posts. In 1661 had charge of the mission to the Cree tribes, and in 1672 spent some time in the mission of Sault Ste. Marie. Died at Quebec.
   Index: L One of the founders of the Sault Ste. Marie mission, 11.
   Bib.: Parkman, Jesuits in North America and La Salle.

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